Maxime Yahouedeou

French background, International experiences.

Background & Education

Studies and experiences abroad.


2017 — 2019

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow)
& Kazan Federal University (Kazan)

Russian as Foreign language (Post Graduate Program)

Lived 2 years in Russia as an entrepreneur.
Learned Russian language in intensive courses and worked on entrepreneurial projects with Russians and foreigners.
Now fluent in russian.


2012 — 2015

Institue of Internet and Multimedia (Paris)

Digital Communication Manager (Master’s Degree 2015)

First school created around new internet and multimedia professions, in France. Subjects: E-business, Digital strategy, Project Management, Design and Web Development.



Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki)

6-month university exchange within a Finnish university.
Subjects: Business management and event management.

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Some Projects I have founded/worked on as an entrepreneur.

Algorithmic Trading

Founder | Project Leader

Creation of algorithmic trading bots for cryptocurrency market.

  • Algorithmic trading
  • Business intelligence analysis
  • Python, SQL, Javascript

Le Koala

Founder | Project Leader

Fashion e-commerce store.

  • Business creation and growth acquisition
  • Online Marketing strategy
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Product Development
  • Web-Design & Development

Remi Yahou

Co-Founder | Serigraphist & Designer

Abstract Artist based in Amsterdam.

  • Screen Printing
  • Creativity thinking and product improvement
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Design & Web-Development


Designer | Web-Developer

Video production agency in Paris.

  • Design & Web-Development

Yoga Cergy

Designer | Web-Developer

Assosiation Yoga.

  • +80% of members in the first month
  • Online Positioning Strategy
  • Design & Web-Development

Professional Experiences

Companies I worked at.

Rocket Internet (Munich)


Product Manager
Leading conception, production and execution of web projects.

Assigned Project: Cuponation, Largest Couponing website.

Publicis K1 (Paris)


Project Manager
Managing Web & Mobile projects.

Assigned Project: CRM dedicated for Mondelēz, Unilever and Danone group.

Some of my shots

Photography and travels are my core passions. Here is a glimpse of my shots.
See more pictures on Instagram.